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Henry Jones

writer/director; 2016 Drama, Sci-Fi, and Enderby Entertainment Screenplay Award Recipient
A consummate raconteur from the hinterlands of Minnesota, Jones weighs in at 180lbs of pure literary fury. After stints as a Top 40 radio DJ, a steelworker, a furniture salesman, pizza delivery driver, video store manager and college drop-out, he hustled his way to Los Angeles. Over the next several years, he churned out mountains of coverage for agents and producers while bouncing at a bar and working construction. He graduated to watching lots of raw footage of people getting shot, stabbed, robbed, burned, blown up, run over, chased, batted, chainsawed, electrocuted, maced, tazed and manhandled while writing on crappy clip shows. He then wrote one of the vanguard of free to play, ad-based MMORPG games for Acclaim, 2Moons. At its peak, it boasted 3 million players. His screenplay, Static, won the Drama, Sci-Fi and Enderby Entertainment Award categories at the 2016 Austin Film Festival – a feat never before achieved in the prestigious festival’s 20+ year history. Max Borenstein is producing the project under his Inkubate banner with UTA and Anonymous Content packaging.Henry has written a number of feature scripts for companies including MGM, Bad Robot and New Line Cinema. He’s known for his ability to elevate material in all genres, break tough stories and bring out the humanity in characters. He’s also worked on numerous commercial campaigns, given a TED talk, and won the first Barney’s Beanery World Series of Pool Championship. Jones is repped by UTA, Madhouse, and Jackoway/Tyerman.