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Bob Sobhani

co-founder and Partner, Magnet Management
After a stint as a story analyst/reader at the Sundance Writer's Lab, and later ICM, Bob took an internship at The Ladd Co. for producer Alan Ladd, Jr.In 1998, Bob started working at Zide/Perry Entertainment where he worked both in management and production. He worked on numerous projects including Universal’s American Pie 1 & 2 & 3, Warner Bros.’ Cats & Dogs, New Line’s Final Destination 1 &2. As a literary manager Bob discovered and developed young writers for Zide/Perry’sclient/development slate. In 2004, Bob and managers Zach Tann and Jennie Frankel-Frisbie founded Magnet Management. They had originally joined forces at Zide/Perry where they innovated thefirst internet submission system of its kind allowing writers to submit specs online.Through that experience the threesome learned to identify literary ‘diamonds in the rough’, and they went on to help many of their discoveries build successful careers.We at Magnet work collectively for our clients and for one another. We maintain ou rrelevance by balancing passion with pragmatism, always encouraging clients to pursue what they love while remaining fiercely practical about each artist’s best career options.When an aspiring writer is able to quit his day job to write full time; when production closes on a client’s film that we fought to get off the ground; when an opportunity is created for a client to work with an artist she has long admired: those are the moments that remind us that we have that rare luxury of working with clients we truly believe in.