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S. Craig Watkins is a Professor at the University of Texas, Austin, in the Moody College of Communication. He received his PhD from the University of Michigan.

 Craig has written three books that examine the media entertainment industry.  His work considers, for example, the impact of hip hop in popular culture, issues of diversity and inclusion in media, the influence of youth culture and lifestyle, and the rise and disruption of social and digital media.  His forthcoming book, The Digital Edge (2018) focuses on the digital media lives of black and Latino teens--a complex and increasingly influential demographic.  Finally, Craig has been researching what he calls "the future of innovation." This project tells the story of how millennials, perhaps the most misunderstood generation in U.S. history, are using networked media and crowdpower to remake the worlds of media, technology, education, work, and civic life.

 For updates on research and projects visit his websites, http://theyoungandthedigital.com/ and