Sunday, October 29 • 11:00am - 1:00pm
Young Filmmaker's Showcase

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[TRT: 98 Min]

Creature of My Heart [USA, 8 min]
Writer/Director: Juliana Lane
To win Belinda’s heart, Victor must create a monster. But in the end, it is his heart that is won. 

A Job to Die For [USA, 6 min]
Writer/Directors: Ivy Golyzniak, Alex Davis
After accidentally killing his boss, Joe must figure out what he’s going to do before he’s discovered as the murderer. But in an office full of gossipers, nothing is a secret for long.

Powdered [USA, 7 min]
Writer/Director: Paul Plath
Two boneheaded detectives are running out of time to solve the case when they make a chance discovery. 

Pack Animals [USA, 6min]
Writer/Director: Ashley Merka
Two boys decide they are going to find out once and for all what really goes on inside the girls bathroom.

The Strangest Dream [USA, 1 min]
Writer/Director: Arianna Muñoz
When she’s asleep, her toys come alive.

The Petition [USA, 8min]
Writer: Riley Goodwin
Directors: Riley Goodwin, Kibiriti Majuto
Two students examine the issues surrounding the proposed removal of the Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville, Virginia. 

Blue Inventor [Poland, 3min]
Writer/Director: Jonasz Wiewiór
A blue creature is devastated after his precious invention is met with disapproval from his teacher.  But new life is breathed into his venture after he meets someone who shares his same passion.

Katham [USA, 4 min]
Writer/Director: Devan Prabhakar
A portrait of a potter.

Requiem for Mr. Cromwell [USA, 8 min]
Writer/Director: Theo Taplitz
After the unexpected death of his father, Gunther ventures out of the house for the first time to bring his father to his final resting place. 

A Human Idol [USA, 12min]
Writer/Director: Elliot Mark
Jessi wants to fit in and be cool. But after an embarrassing moment on the way to a party his conception of the popular kids is shattered.

The Last Take [USA, 6min]
Writer/Director: Ethan Cannon
The lead role in a student film production has had enough of his director Lilly’s constant berating.  He mounts a rebellion against her and vows to shut down the production. But how far will Lilly go to get the last take?

Loop [USA, 7 min]
Writer: Ryan Beard
Directors: Ryan Beard, Stephen Gentry, Eli Harl
An unapologetically cerebral movie set in a world where virtual reality machine are banned and addicts crave the rush of alternate reality.

Two of Five Million [USA, 6 min]
Writers/Directors: Socratis & Diamantis Zavitsanos
About five million Syrians have been displaced due to the pressures of ISIS. This film tells the story of two of them.

Zero [USA, 2 min]
Writer/Director: Lainey Davidson
A near death experience makes a girl realize there is more to life than calories.

Awake [USA, 3 min]
Writer/Director: Tyler Taliaferro
A reflection on loneliness and sleep.

Sunday October 29, 2017 11:00am - 1:00pm
Galaxy Highland, Screen 9

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