Monday, October 30 • 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Shorts Program 1: A Family Affair

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(TRT: 95 min)

Florida-Montreal (Canada, 17 min)
Writer/Director: Renaud Lessard
Immature, twenty-something siblings Jonathan and Florie deal with long-boiling grievances toward one another as they await the arrival of their Mother, who has just decided to leave their Father.

Boy Saviour (Australia, 9 min)
Writers: Jim Thompson, Arthur Angel
Director: Arthur Angel
Set in 1970’s Australia, a Greek migrant struggling with depression and isolation awaits counseling. Her son tells her stories to ease her pain and his burden.

Show and Tell (Canada, 10 min)
Writers: Reem Morsi, Sally Karam
Director: Reem Morsi
Naya is thrilled after she’s chosen to perform her story at an upcoming school concert. But after learning her family will attend while wearing traditional Muslim dress, she becomes self-conscious of her cultural background.

Kidnapped (UK, 8 min)
Writer/Director: Dino Kazamia
Joe holds a random stranger at gunpoint in the hope of staging his own abduction.

So Much Yellow (USA, 10 min)
Writer/Director: Erica Milson
A young girl revisits the traumatic memory of a family road trip that changed her life forever.

Howay! (UK, 10 min)
Writer: Wyatt Bunce
Director: William J. L. Hamilton
Young former football prodigy Alan is forced to redefine his relationship with his father after an accident cuts his career short.

The Carpenters (USA, 15 min)
Writer/Director: Xiuzhi Yang
After being forbidden to perform carpentry jobs for his father’s business, a young handicapped man proves his capability by taking on a house call against his father’s wishes.

His Name is Willy (Canada, 16 min)
Writer: Kathleen Hepburn
Director: Liz Cairns
Two siblings begin the process of reconciliation when they plan a DIY funeral for their mother, who requested that her corpse be thrown to the wolves.

Monday October 30, 2017 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Galaxy Highland, Screen 9

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